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about Tarots

Tarots are a medium through which the spiritually blessed can use to tap into their intuition and connect with the energy of the universe.


About Tarots

Tarots connect you with the energy of the reader, which brings to surface hidden truths, feelings and information. These can then help you make important life decisions regarding health, love, education and careerA deck of 78 cards, comprising of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana constitute the Tarot. The Major Arcana (22 cards) depict large scale life events and the Minor Arcana (56 cards) depict day to day events.

Reading Tarots is a very delicate art that cannot be done by just anyone. The accuracy of your reading is determined by the spiritual quotient, connection and experience of your reader. Here we make it a practice to connect you with the best of the best so that you can have the most accurate idea and best answer to any question which is bothering you. If you are here, simply to make sense of the happenings in your life feel free to sign up for an open reading today.

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The respect for the Tarot is what sets us apart from a million other services out there. What we do is not just a reading; it is a lifestyle choice for us. Using our connection to the universe in this way is our purpose. Your faith and trust is important for us. Let us help your story find direction if you are lost.

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The whole aim of Tarot cards prediction is to give you plausible solutions to your problems and help you get an edge in life. Having an idea of what to expect from the future, will better help you prepare for it. More often than not, the card will let you know the possible outcomes of any course of action you are about to embark on.



Get a tarot cards prediction and clear the murky waters on how to proceed

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Are you unhappy in your relationship, is it going downhill? Sort it Now!

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Business and money are both paths of calculated risk. Get a reading to attain an edge over your competition.

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The most important decisions of your life, setting the tone to the rest of it, take a little help to make sure that you are not led astray

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Are you or a loved one having health issues? Was this foretold? Find the answers to all your questions within the tarot cards prediction.

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Are you at vital crossroads?

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The art of tarot card prediction is a relatively new one in the realm of fortune telling. If you have approached a tarot card reader, you certainly have a lot of burning questions on your mind, to which you want to find the answer. At intuitive tarot, our experts have a slightly different approach to providing you the solution via a tarot card reading. Our experts help you find where your intuition wants to lead you. In a way we help you bring that awakening from within you by helping you heighten your intuitive senses. You can find divining wisdom and guidance through a tarot reading. This art form is not merely about fortune telling but about elevating to dive into the deepest insights into yourself.

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